The Genomic Information Company
We accelerate science to save more lives
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Full-service Digital proprietary Platform
From the sample to the lab to maximize the insights and explore more genome’s areas
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We make genomics accessible for everyone
Our mission is to leverage whole genome sequencing technology and variant interpretation
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A human approach to health

The Genomic Information Company

We accelerate science to save more lives
What We Do

End-to-end Genomic Solutions

Dante leverages expertise in science and healthcare to create customized genomic analysis processes that have an impact on people’s lives.
Our teams develop products based on genomic information, leveraging our proprietary technology, delivering insights specific for each need.

Whole Genome

The Genome test as a solution to better understand human health


Diverse specific conditions driving knowledge and clinically relevant actions

Lab in a box

Customized processes and for international partners, leveraging our expertise

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Our Services

Take Your Business to the next Level

Discover our best-in-class services in genomics panorama, we develop software solutions to analyze rare diseases in order to help people inspect their health conditions

Whole Genome

Whole Genome Sequencing is the only genetic test that can decipher your entire DNA. Dante Genomics offers 30x coverage, meaning your entire genome will be analyzed 30 times, picking up more valuable genomic information with each pass.

Population Genomics

Successful Population Genomics is not an end in itself, it is an enabler of economic growth, advanced healthcare and precision preventive medicine.

Clinical Lab in a box

The Clinical Lab in a Box (CLIB) is an end-to-end solution that jumpstarts clinical sequencing and interpretation inside a hospital or other medical facility, providing accelerated access to expert clinical sequencing and interpretation in-house.

Dante Platform

The Dante Platform has been built for the future, one in which genomics has impacts from diagnosis to treatment and prevention. As we come to understand the important role of genomics and its impact on healthcare, it is the Dante Platform that delivers a holistic approach to healthcare on a global scale.


Genomic Analysis


5.000.000+ Covid Samples





People stories

See how genomics impact life stories

Real stories people results
"With a pipeline of six drug discovery programs, Dante is working to deliver genomic solutions from diagnosis to treatment to prevention, so people like me can lead healthier lives."
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Clinical Lab in a box

Leveraging Dante's large sequencing capacity

Clinical Lab in a box is a fully integrated set of services, devices, systems and data management solutions.

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