One single platform for all DNA tests

Avanti: Intuitive web-based platform for DNA raw data analysis

Turn your patients’ DNA data into clinical-grade reports.

Avanti is a web-based app designed to transform NGS raw data into insightful and clear reports.

You just need to sign up entering your email address and password, upload DNA raw data and choose the report(s) that better fit your patient’s needs.

Simple pricing model, too! There are no upfront costs. You pay only per analysis. No subscriptions, no cancellation fees.

A platform for a quick and precise analysis of NGS Samples

Accelerating the process of reporting in a quick and cost-efficient way

A comprehensive and affordable solution to reduce analysis turn-around and better inspect any types of NGS data

Any types of raw data

The platform accepts any types of DNA data. From one single gene to Whole Genome Sequencing

Simple pricing model

Just pay an affordable amount per analysis. No fixed costs at all!

Advanced and time-efficient reporting

Transform DNA Data into complete information to guide some of the most critical decisions in your patients’ lives

What makes Avanti stand out

Avanti is a unique solution to make DNA reporting and diagnosis a simple and everyday activity for your practice.
DAC is a fast-to-run solution to build customized reports in a few minutes, allows users to order the reports contents and import new brands.
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