One single platform for all DNA tests

AVANTI: Intuitive web-based platform for DNA raw data analysis

Turn DNA data into readable, actionable reports.

AVANTI is web-based and engineered to convert raw
Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) data into comprehensive and intuitively understandable reports.

No installation required. Just register, upload DNA data and start generating reports. A catalog of 125 reports is available.

Simple pricing model, too! There are no upfront costs. You pay only per analysis. No subscriptions, no cancellation fees.


Stop paying for bioinformatics.
AVANTI offers free FASTQ to VCF conversion. Then generate reports with one click.

Compatible with any sequencer. Upload FASTQ or VCF files, convert FASTQ files for free, generate reports.

Any types of raw data

The platform accepts any types of DNA data. From one single gene to Whole Genome Sequencing.

Simple pricing model

Simple and transparent pay per use. No upfront costs.

Generate reports in minutes, not hours, in parallel

Access our catalog of 125 reports. Generate reports in parallel, for as many samples as you wish.

What makes AVANTI stand out

AVANTI makes genetic reporting simple and intuitive.
DAC is a fast-to-run solution to build customized reports in a few minutes, allows users to order the reports contents and import new brands.
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