Contains articles from Dante and our partners discussing the latest research, publications, and updates about genome sequencing.
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TMA Precision Health and Dante Genomics partner to help children with rare diseases through clinical whole genome sequencing solutions

Dante Genomics is a global genomic information company building and commercializing a new class of transformative health and longevity applications based on whole genome sequencing and AI. The Company uses its platform to deliver better patient outcomes from diagnostics to therapeutics with assets including one of the largest private genome databases with research consent, proprietary software designed to unleash the power of genomic data at scale and proprietary processes which enable an industrial approach to genomic sequencing.

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Genome Sequencing

Angela’s Story

Angela was in her early 20s when she came to Dante Labs desperate for help in diagnosing her strange symptoms. Dante Labs sequenced Angela’s whole genome ultimately diagnosing Angela with a rare disease, bringing her out of a years long diagnostic odyssey.

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