Contains articles from Dante and our partners discussing the latest research, publications, and updates about genome sequencing.
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Genome Sequencing

Angela’s Story

Angela was in her early 20s when she came to Dante Labs desperate for help in diagnosing her strange symptoms. Dante Labs sequenced Angela’s whole genome ultimately diagnosing Angela with a rare disease, bringing her out of a years long diagnostic odyssey.

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Dante Labs Partnering with The Renato Dulbecco Foundation to advance personalized medicines for cancer, COVID-19 and rare diseases

Dante Labs, a global leader in genomics and precision medicine, today announced it has partnered with The Renato Dulbecco Foundation to deliver more personalized therapies in rare diseases, oncology and COVID-19. Protelica, the groundbreaking US biotechnology company, has licensed its library of billions of pronectines nanoantibodies and a portfolio of 12 patents to The Renato Dulbecco Foundation.

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