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Dante R&D Activities

R&D activities represent the core of Dante Genomics’ innovation process. The company’s objective is the continuous search for new diagnostic and therapeutic solutions, harnessing the power of genetic and genomic knowledge to improve patients’ health and contribute to societal change. Below are listed the incentive and support measures that Dante Genomics has used and continues to use, related to European, national, and regional public calls for proposals, to advance its research projects.

Dante Citizen Test

The Dante Citizen Test project has seen the development of the first clinically approved whole genome sequencing (WGS) test with full CE-IVD certification for Italian citizens (April 2022). The goal was to introduce whole genome sequencing with clinical reports into basic medical care in hospitals and the country's healthcare system. This represents the first step towards introducing whole genome sequencing into the national healthcare system of a European country and the G7. The test leverages the AVANTI software , patented by Dante Labs, for documentation, interpretation, and analysis of the whole genome and clinical data. Furthermore, obtaining CE-IVD certification has brought about a fundamental shift in the genomics application paradigm in Europe, from research use only (RUO) to in vitro diagnostic (IVD) device use, thus unlocking its full application potential.


The OnPLAT project aims to contribute to the development of precision therapies based on personalized genetic and clinical data, using innovative genome sequencing technologies and advanced software systems for data analysis. The project seeks to demonstrate the validity of a set of technologies in the field of personalized pharmacological therapies based on whole-genome sequencing (WGS) screening. These technologies can be applied in cases of drug resistance as well as in the case of new diseases. . By securely collecting and preserving patients' genomic tests within this project, our aim is to address an unmet medical need: providing personalized therapies and optimal drug dosages to terminal patients with aggressive tumor forms or developing resistance to conventional cancer treatments.


The Smart&Start project involved sequencing and development of a database of the oral microbiome for the development of a microbiome analysis software and the automated generation of a report that gives a comprehensive and user-friendly description of patient-specific microbiome for clinicians.


The Innovation4Health project aims to develop a digital ecosystem based on an algorithm that provides a diagnostic support tool to improve and facilitate the diagnosis of epilepsy and autism spectrum disorders in support of specialist physicians. In fact, Innovation4Health serves as a personalized medicine tool to offer an effective approach in the treatment of rare diseases, with particular attention to the quality of healthcare provided to patients. By utilizing machine learning that draws from a large amount of data from a comprehensive genomic database based on patterns of patients with epilepsy and autism spectrum disorders, it will be possible to develop an algorithm that improves diagnosis. In particular, the I4H digital ecosystem aims to have a tremendous impact on the reliability of outcomes related to rare diseases , the efficiency of the healthcare system , and the quality of healthcare and social assistance provided to patients with rare diseases and their families.

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