Dante Platform

From the sample to the lab to maximize the insights and explore more genome’s areas

Full-service Digital proprietary Platform made of three pillars

As we approach the inflection point in genomics, we built the Dante Platform for the future of genomics when millions of people will have access to genome sequencing every day.

Extensa Software

For interpretation of genomic and medical data, to return personalized actionable insights to individuals and doctors.

Dante DB Database

A database of whole genome and medical data.

Avanti Software

Integration of Technology and Biology.

Multi-services platform to perform better data

Every time a sample is sequenced in one of our clinical sequencing centers, the Dante Platform feeds metrics into our software and leverages data from our database, and then our Artificial Intelligence returns instructions to the lab to direct the sequencing to maximize the insights from the areas of the genome that are most useful to answer the specific questions of that individual.

Our approach

We maximize the utility of genomic data

providing deeper results and involving many genome areas.


More data, faster, with more insights. We take raw data and translate that into clinical decision-making tools and reports.


Better decisions, better outcomes, sooner. We provide data-rich diagnostic solutions customized to your medical needs.

Drug Discovery Acceleration

Data-driven, people-centric drug discovery. We start with the patient’s genomic profile and develop candidate therapies based on genomic insights.

Our vision for the future the future the future

The Dante Platform has been built for the future, one in which genomics has impacts from diagnosis to treatment and prevention. As we come to understand the important role of genomics and its impact on healthcare, it is the Dante Platform that delivers a holistic approach to healthcare on a global scale.

Dante's genomics

As we keep generating genomic data and then transform that data into actionable insights, it is very clear that the Dante Platform delivers life-changing insights for our users.
image data approach

Data-driven approach

The future of genomics will see millions of genomes and hundreds of thousands of petabytes of data being analyzed and re-analyzed each month.

image data approach

Our vision

When thinking about data-driven personalized healthcare holistically and on a global scale, then the Dante Platform is the only way to scale up and impact millions of people worldwide.

image insights box

Insights, everywhere

People will need actionable and clinically relevant insights, independently from where they live.

image global scale approach

on a Global scale

Our platforms have been developed with data collected in healthcare, on a global scale, to parallelize the generation of medical and consumer reports for our global customers.

The Dante Platform enables real, accelerated, data-driven, people-centric personalized drug discovery.
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Andrea Riposati
Chief Executive Officer