We adopt a patient-driven approach to discover the genes underlying rare diseases helping thousands of undiagnosed patients find answers.

The most complete genomic solution to provide the highest likelihood of finding a diagnosis for rare disease.

Whole Genome Sequencing is the only genetic test that can decipher the entire human DNA (100% of DNA). Dante Genomics offers 30X coverage, meaning the entire genome will be analyzed 30 times, picking up more valuable genomic information with each pass. 

Dante Genomics’ Whole Genome Sequencing Test is a test for everyone. For people facing rare or undiagnosed diseases, still more! We solve complex genetic cases by combining phenotypic data and genomic data from 100% of human DNA.

Our approach

Whole Genome Sequencing enables greater and more precise diagnostic yield for rare disease

Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) Whole Genome Sequencing Test is the most powerful tool to help rare disease patients end years of hospital visits and expensive tests.


More genetic variants detected (vs WES)


More rare diseases diagnoses (vs other tests)


Times for re-analyses

Rare Disease in numbers

  • 80% of rare diseases have a genomic component.
  • 50% of new cases are found in children.
  • +150 million people worldwide are affected by a rare disease.
  • On average, the rare disease diagnosis journey, so called “diagnostic odyssey” takes 5-7 years, 4-8 physicians, 2-3 misdiagnoses.

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