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Large & Small Whole Genome Sequencing and Interpratation (human, plant, animal, bacterium, virus or microbiome genome) | Short and Long-reads sequencing | De Novo Sequencing

Delivering scalable Whole Genome Sequencing services with several coverage and Turnaround time options and to meet your project needs.

Whole Genome Sequencing is the most powerful tool for genomics research today. The massive decrease in sequencing costs and Dante Genomics’ increased ability to produce and manage large amounts of data make Whole Genome Sequencing an unparalleled tool for research. 

Whether you need to sequence one single bacteria or thousands of Large Whole Genomes, we will help you customize a service project to meet all your research objectives. Contact us to discuss your project and get a quote.


A personalized approach for your study objectives

Scalable Whole Genome Sequencing services with customized options.

 At Dante Genomics, we have the scale and expertise to successfully reach your study goals.

Sequencing Depth

30X Coverage for germline and human WGS;
60X, 90X and +90X coverage for oncology;

Extraction and Library Prep

Optimized extraction protocols for any sample type (including FFPE tissue);

Read Length*

Short-read on Illumina (standard dual-index 150 base paired-end read);
Long-read: PacBio or Oxford Nanopore;
Combined short- and long-read platforms;

*PacBio and Oxford Nanopore are suggested for difficult-to-read regions of the genome, for detection of large structural variants and de novo assembly of unique genomes.

Bioinformatics Analysis. At Dante Genomics, it’s our great asset

  • Tier 1/2/3 Analyses included. 
  • Genomic Interpratation Reports.
  • Flexible Data Delivery and Storage.
  • Unlimited Amazon AWS cloud storage included.

Highlights of Our Services

Dante is working to implement solutions to make genomic testing a gold standard in research practice.

Customized Sample. Free shipping worldwide.

Whether you already have your collected sample or you need a collection kit, Dante Genomics can find a suitable and reliable solutions. Outbound and return shipping is free, worldwide.

Lab scientist in sequencing room holding a Flowcell

Trust your results

You’ll receive results you can trust to be accurate.

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