A report building solution for all DNA sequencing data

DAC is a workflow web app designed for NGS results analysis

Import the sample’s data to be analyzed and customize the workflow by choosing the reports that better fit the patient’s needs. 

DAC combines two features: Sample and Workflow management.

Sample management is a light-weight API solution over the native storage provider.
Workflow management provides an interface to launch and monitor running and archived workflows.

Our Technology

Proprietary software for an accelerated approach to reporting

Dante offers comprehensive and affordable solution to reduce analysis turn-around and better inspect Genome Sequencing (WGS) data with personalized interpretation.

Accept any Data

Upload of raw Vcf data (also from external providers).

Innovative Reports

Select the required reports for all uploaded samples

Run your Results

Run the algorithm and receive reports in minutes

Innovative features

DAC anticipates basic hardware and does not require specific infrastructure or runtimes to operate on a large scale
SeqDAC image laptop

High Throughput Cost Effective Analysis Automation

Exact resource requests from containerized workflows.

image reports preview

Novel Sequencing QC

Interrogate reads to identify sequencer and sample failures.

Lab scientist in sequencing room holding a Flowcell

Lab-Optimised Approach

The analysis-first approach to rapid and cost-effective sequencing.

image iphone genome manager

Genome Manager platform

Our Genome Manager platform allows customers to track genome analysis from sample receipt to end of analysis and purchase additional reports. Our software automatically processes purchase requests and generates new files for download in seconds.

DAC is a fast-to-run solution to build customized reports in a few minutes, allows users to order the reports contents and import new brands.
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