Sequencing whole genome and providing genomic reports. All in your own clinical lab.
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Raw data, specific reports and more

Dante Genomics provides several services to build affordable products and processes, and empower clinical laboratories capabilities

Population Genomics

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Rare Disease

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Building laboratories

This project was born with the intent to provide a clear idea of construction of the laboratory dedicated to the activities of DNA sequencing, following the guidelines to face the panorama of possible analysis with NGS technology in the best qualitative and quantitative way.

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Enhanced DNA tests

Whole Genome Sequencing is the only genetic test that can decipher your entire DNA. Dante Genomics offers 30x coverage, meaning your entire genome will be analyzed 30 times, picking up more valuable genomic information with each pass.

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80+ different reports

We build customized report templates for all our clinical and research customers, and we create tailored reports for patient advocacy groups to personalize our offering as much as possible.