Population Genomics

Successful Population Genomics is not an end in itself, it is an enabler of economic growth, advanced healthcare and precision preventive medicine

An innovative idea to drive science and technology improving human lifestyle

Genomics is a transformative technology, like the internet, or the steam engine. And like the internet in the mid-‘90s, when there were few applications like email and static website, today genomics is used only by a minority of individuals, in few applications, such as oncology, rare diseases, IVF. In the next years, genomics will impact every sector, such as agriculture, food production, primary care, materials, waste recycling – like the internet grew from email and static websites to impacting every sector, including media, wholesale, retail, transportation and energy.

We aim to revolutionize genomic industry

In 10-15 years, all pharma companies will have a genomic-driven diagnostics arm.

Genomics is the economic engine to drive the next industrial revolution. Dante creates an economic and innovation cluster for R&D, applied life science research, and the creation of future life science companies, from diagnostics to biotech and pharma.

As truly personalized medicine required personalized data, future drug discovery will require and benefit enormously from the smart utilization of genomic and multi-omic data, starting from the whole genome.

Beyond healthcare and life sciences, Dante programs will drive innovation and economic growth in other sectors such as sustainable food production, agriculture, animal health, circular economy, data storage, and advanced materials.

Our approach

Data. Insight. Technology.

Dante Genomics makes genomics from a field reserved for experts into a transformative technology with mass market applications.

On top of being an economic growth engine, Dante Genomics aim to deliver immediate value and benefits to:


Patients and their families, healthy citizens, healthcare system


Tourism, local companies, education system and universities, the country’s international brand


Startups, financial institutions, government institutions

Genomics is a transformative technology, like the internet, or the steam engine.
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