Whole Genome

A 30x coverage solution to sequence you DNA

The most affordable solution to discover more about your genetic profile

Whole Genome Sequencing is the only genetic test that can decipher your entire DNA. Dante Genomics offers 30x coverage, meaning your entire genome will be analyzed 30 times, picking up more valuable genomic information with each pass. This 30x coverage of your genome provides you and your provider with more information about your genetic profile that you may have missed with Whole Exome Sequencing (WES) or other targeted genetic tests. We provide you with your raw data, empowering you to control the reports you select. You can also choose where you take your data for analysis, such as a genetic counselor or other qualified clinician.

Our approach

Full-data. Superior test. Better lifestyle.

Dante offers comprehensive and affordable 30X Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) with personalized interpretation.

Accessible Data

Download your data when you want, where you want, and get actionable insights for today and the future.

Innovative Test

Whole Genome Sequencing is superior to traditional small panels in that it is the broadest and most comprehensive DNA analysis

Improve your lifestyle

This more personalized approach delivers clinical answers to prevent, track and treat diseases without missing certain variants missed by more targeted approaches.

Our Offer

Dante has developed a long list of products to make genomic tests accessible for researchers, clinicians, and companies. The Dante Genome Test is the dedicated solution for people.
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Dante Genome Test

The power of your entire DNA. Receive actionable insights based on the sequencing of your whole genome. Leverage our proprietary Extensa software platform for genomic interpretation to gather relevant insights.

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Genome Manager platform

Our Genome Manager platform allows customers to track genome analysis from sample receipt to end of analysis and purchase additional reports. Our software automatically processes purchase requests and generates new files for download in seconds.

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For Clinicians and Researchers

Medical Genomic Tests for geneticists, clinicians and medical professionals. NGS Solutions to advance your research, in biotech or academia.

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Extensive reports

Download your data when you want, where you want, and get clinically actionable insights for today and the future.